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Product Name:Patented economy
Product Introduction:



New and efficient automotive fuel economy of the manual


Features and effect:


This product uses the latest technology, exquisite design, easy to use without professional installation, no need to change the original car design, as long as the fuel economy can be directly into the cigarette lighter hole. The actual use of force in the vehicle has improved significantly during hard acceleration, cleaner exhaust emissions.


Saving rate of the actual road


Smooth road conditions, driving fuel-efficient 4-6 liters / liter of oil per hundred


6-9 liters of fuel-efficient urban road / liter of oil per hundred


Because the useful life of different models and vehicles will be charged a difference.


Saving principle


EFI cars are now filled generator to power the battery, then battery power system provides power to the vehicle. Therefore, regardless of the generator, batteries work of uncoordinated, or ignition coil or power lines will cause the decline of aging. Inadequate supply of vehicles (especially when idle and hard acceleration), so that fuel can not be fully burned. Discharged with the exhaust gas is a waste of energy and increased environmental pollution. This product is sustained by the vehicle power system stability of on-demand additional energy to achieve the effect of fuel economy, so that engine speed is more stable, cleaner exhaust emissions.



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