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Product Name:723N spectrophotometer
Product Introduction:

723N spectrophotometer

723N-type instrument features: * According to the latest wavelength set to automatically save wavelength

* Compared to similar products with the general increase in the stability of the measurement

* Measure the optical path of 100 mm

* Tungsten lighting features a comprehensive control

* Based on the standard mode or enter the standard way to establish quantitative analysis

* Ability to save up to 50 sets of data records and the calibration curve 10

* The software provides device connected to the computer

* Measured in accordance with standard laboratory tests results of the standard display, store and print test results

* Create a different way of curves, automatically calculate the concentration of the sample curve

* Can provide quantitative analysis for a variety of wavelengths (up to three wavelengths)

* Based on the measurement of dynamic analysis needed

* The equipment and accessories including power line user manual instrument host

Pass book

Technical parameters

    Model 723N spectrophotometer

Czerny-Turner monochromator system, single-beam grating

1200 L / mm

Wavelength range 320-1100nm

Wavelength error of ± 0.5nm

0.3nm wavelength repeatability

Measuring range 0-200.0% T,-0.3-3.0A, 0-9999C

Metering accuracy of ≤ 0.3% T

Metering repeatability ≤ 0.15% T

Stray light ≤ 0.1% T @ 340nm & 400nm

Bandwidth 4nm

Data output printer port, USB

Straight baseline of ± 0.003A

Stability of ± 0.002A / h

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