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Product Name:SHY-A-type oscillator
Product Introduction:

Second, SHY-A-type water bath oscillator technology parameters:

Single-phase AC 220 ± 10% 50HZ Power: 1600W heating to the maximum temperature not more than 99 minutes Temperature range: room temperature - 95 ± 0.5 ℃ oscillation frequency: rotating 60-200 beats / min reciprocating motion 55-170 beats / min

SHY-A-type water bath oscillator details:

SHY-A-type water bath oscillator instrument features:

1, the instrument has a rotary reciprocating motion of two functions.

2, using advanced servo motor and the new electronic speed control circuit to the motor stepless, smooth operation. Low noise, continuous work.

3, the temperature setting instructions, figures show.
Third, the water bath oscillator (SHY-A type) to use:


1, water - check the instrument door is closed the water, add water to the appropriate height.


2, the power - the power plug inserted in the instrument is equipped with "ground" voltage 220V capacity of not less than 2 kW power supply.


3, the boot:


(1) Oscillation: the panel lower right side of the power switch to the open position, when the power indicator light. When the selection switch to select the time required, the instrument starts to oscillate.


(2) Heating: The switch panel to the left side of the ship "ON" position, set the desired temperature, digital display lower right corner of the green lights, heating to work, temperature display with temperature rise up to the lock set temperature and automatically stop, lower left corner of the red lights, and automatic temperature control. Heating stops working every time when the heating pipe with heat phenomena important to note that the display temperature rise.


Fourth, water bath oscillator (SHY-A type) repair and maintenance:


1, when connected to power, the indicator light while the instrument is not action, when the belt may stretch due to fatigue, to open the sides, adjust the motor position or replace the belt.


2, no long-term instruments should be excluded in the water tank and water tanks clean, dry and ventilated place.


3, the test is best to use distilled water to prevent water pollution occurs inside the affected instrument performance indicators.


4, the user equipment use and maintenance of compliance with the conditions, from the date of the factory within a year of poor quality that does not work, there is the factory repair or replacement without compensation.


Fifth, water bath oscillator (SHY-A type) operations:


1, before the tank does not add water. Do not heat the work, that the heating switch can not be allocated to the "ON" position, the instrument can be used for normal oscillatory movement.


2, start oscillating movement, the speed control knob to advance to the lowest position, so as not to damage the motor speed starts.


3, the test temperature, require the use of mercury thermometer into the liquid inside.


4, due to the heating body systems work and speed the way the instrument power supply, heating voltage step-down phenomenon, speed slower pace, stop heating rate increased significantly.


5, the appearance of power equipment prior to check to see whether the instrument by the unusual long-distance transport damage, transportation whether the deformation resulting in some part of damage, so as not to cause major damage to the boot, if there is distortion of the Department can make the necessary adjustments, and then work.


6, ordinary tap water tank should be changed frequently.


Sixth, water bath oscillator (SHY-A type) Instrument Accessories


1, a power cord.


2, manual, certificate each.


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