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Dry advantages of vacuum technology

Compared to conventional drying technology has the following advantages: greatly reduced the need for vacuum rid of the boiling point of liquid, so the vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat-sensitive material; for difficult dry samples, such as powder or other granular samples, the use of vacuum drying can shorten the drying time; various structures of complex mechanical parts or other porous sample was cleaned using vacuum drying, completely dry without leaving any residue; the use of safer ---- in a vacuum or inert conditions, the complete elimination of oxide may explode when exposed to heat; and rely on the general air circulation drying compared to powder samples is not blowing or moving air flow; control features: a power failure, crash data loss and protection of the state parameters of memory and recovery function. Features: The first domestic streamline arc design, the shell is made of cold rolled steel plate electrostatic spray; the local temperature control system adopts microcomputer chip technology, temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm; displayed as dual high-brightness digital display, showing the value of accurate and intuitive, superior performance, touch buttons to set the adjustable parameters; temperature sensor uses a capacitive imported components; imported motor and fan; of timing and time functions; interior is stainless steel material; semicircular corners and easy to clean; the door completely elastic case be adjusted by the user, the overall shape of the silicon rubber door seal to ensure high vacuum chamber; the local studio for the rectangular structure, so that the maximum effective volume, use of steel doors, bullet-proof double glass door, so that allows users to observe the workshop training materials at a glance


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