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Debugging vacuum chamber
Chung Chi vacuum drying in vacuum after debugging and can be used as follows: a. Open the vacuum box power, when the power indicator should light (6090 and 6210 model should be re-open the temperature control device, respectively, switch) temperature control device is powered from the Frederick, PV-screen display temperature measurement studio, SV-screen display is factory set temperature. Temperature control device on the AT and the HEAT and other lights should be bright, that instrument into the heat of the working state. b. modify the set temperature 1. Click the temperature control device of the function key (SET); PV display SP character, can be key to the first button to set the temperature changes (6090 and 6210 based on the 2 and 3 instruments should be separately set changes, the following similar). 2. Modification is complete, click the SET button, PV-screen display ST characters, set timer time. If you do not use the timer function, it is still allowed to ST = 0 3. Then click the SET button, the screen display studio temperature of PV, SV display the new set temperature. HEAT AT and light meter, this time re-entering the heating instrument working status. c. When working the room temperature close to the set temperature, HEAT bright lights suddenly flickered, said heat into the PID regulation, the instrument is sometimes measured temperature exceeds the set temperature, and sometimes lower than the set temperature is normal. When measuring the temperature close to or equal to the set temperature, and then wait 1 ~ 2h after the studio into the constant state of items into the drying stage. d. the required temperature is lower, the secondary can be configured, such as the required operating temperature 70 ℃, for the first time the first set 60 ℃, the temperature overshoot and so began to fall, then the second set the 70 ℃, This can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, as soon as possible into the heated state. e. When the item after drying, turn the power off, if you speed up the cooling, then hit an open valve so that vacuum is 0 for 5 minutes call out of the box door. 4. If the work of the indoor humidity of dry matter, the resulting water vapor can affect the performance of vacuum pumps, drying and vacuum pumps proposed between the string into a "dry / filter." The company can demand a shape with dimensions of Φ120 × 300mm, the interface diameter Φ16 the dryer. 5. If the items in the drying process, the need to add nitrogen and other inert gases, should be specified in the contract, was equipped with an intake valve. 2011-06-15
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